I looove my hair color #me
Iron man 3 in a bit mutha fucka
He was so nice and I look like the devil #tmills #midget
Because my hair looked good today #freckles
My favorite. #vintage #chanel
Yeee #crackheadveins
Makeup always looks great when I have nowhere to go haha
Badass necklace me and my dad made #amethyst #bullet
Looking like @jes_bonello today

If you tell me you don’t read books because it’s “hipster shit” I’m going to judge you. Hard.

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Hahaha! She looks like a thumb 👍 #rottweiler #soweird (Taken with Instagram)

I’m too scared to put any of my drawings on this website because i feel like people wouldn’t hesitate to change the source :l

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First time wearing red #lipstick out 👍 (Taken with Instagram)
My hands are so scary #loveit (Taken with Instagram)
Waiting for a certain butthole to wake up (Taken with Instagram)
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